Steering Committee

A Steering Committee that will focus on ensuring the continuation of Destinations for All world Summits has been created in 2018.

Objectives of the Steering Committee

  1. Circulating and making available the results of previous summits (Montreal 2014 and Brussels 2018) and future summits
  2. Promoting the declaration “A World for everyone”
  3. Establishing a forum to exchange views and to keep watch on innovations and advances in inclusive transport and tourism that comply with the recommendations of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, and those of the World Tourism Organization promoting accessible tourism for all
  4. Choosing and setting up an organizing committee for future summits
  5. Facilitating the organizers’ work in future summits: planning, content, mailing lists, etc.
  6. Constituting a Program Committee that gives its opinion about the Summit content and assesses the presentations proposals
  7. Includes organizations linked to the topic and to independent consultants

Features of the Steering Committee

  • No formal legal status
  • Presided over jointly by the organisers of preceding Summits
  • Made up of partners (responsible bodies and individuals) invited on the basis of their expertise and their contribution to previous Summits

Members of the Steering Committee

  • Access-i, Belgium, Aurélie Charlier
  • ATH (Association Tourisme & Handicaps), France, Annette Masson
  • CAWaB, Belgium, Mathieu Angelo and Vincent Snoeck
  • Various consultants from Québec, Canada and from the UK : Ann Frye, Michel Trudel, Jean-François Lavoie
  • ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism), International, Ivor Ambrose
  • Global Forum for Empowerment, India, Abha Negi
  • ISTO (International Social Tourism Organization), International, Charles-Etienne Bélanger
  • Kéroul, Québec, Canada, Isabelle Ducharme and André Leclerc
  • Lonely Planet, Australia, Martin Heng
  • ONCE (Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles), Spain, Jesús Hernández Galán
  • Open Doors, USA, Eric Lipp
  • Predif, Spain, Tatiana Alemán Selva
  • Svayam, India, Subash Vashishth
  • Travability, Australia, Bill Forester
  • UITP (International Association of Public Transport), International, Mohamed Mezghani and Anne-Laure Lemerre