The Summits

The Destinations for All Summits promise to take the current dialogue on accessible tourism to a new and exciting level. By bringing together key players in tourism, culture, and transportation, the Summits aim to identify and implement the necessary measures to establish international tourism that is inclusive and accessible.

1st edition: Montréal 2014

2nd edition: Brussels 2018

3rd edition: Miami 2021

With the western population aging and the benefits of including disabled people in all facets of society, the tourism, culture and transportation sectors have no choice but to fully welcome and adequately serve all citizens, and to be particularly attentive to the needs of elderly and physically disabled people. Moreover, in September 2015, the UN adopted new Sustainable Development Goals recognizing accessibility and the inclusion of persons with disabilities as principles of sustainable development.

The issue of accessible tourism has never been more relevant: 15% of the world’s population live with a disability, and with a greater aging demographic, this number will only increase. It is time to think of tourism no longer solely as a luxury, but as a need that is shared by everyone.

By making tourism accessible to all, destinations are also:

  • Responding to the reality of an aging population;
  • Providing a more inclusive focus on all customer requirements;
  • Winning the loyalty of travelers;
  • Distinguishing themselves from the competition;
  • Contributing to their destinations’ civic pride.